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Made-to-Order Donuts - Voted Best on the Shoreline!

Blazing Fresh Donuts serves custom made-to-order donuts in Guilford, on the CT Shoreline. Our vanilla cake donuts are special because they’re made on the premises from high-quality ingredients, served warm in minutes, and decorated to your specifications!


What's your Perfect Donut?

Do you like unusual flavor combinations, like peanut butter frosting and chopped bacon? Maple frosting and shredded coconut? Mint frosting with Raspberry drizzle? Blazing Fresh Donuts is the only place where you can indulge those cravings!

Check out our Menu page, then place your order in-store, online, or by phone! 


Our Story

Blazing Fresh Donuts’ founder, Jodi Burns, was searching for a new passion after spending more than 20 years on Wall Street. On a beach vacation with her family in Delaware in summer 2018, she sampled a mind-blowingly delicious hot donut and thought, “I need to introduce this magical treat to the CT Shoreline!” Jodi is a connoisseur of all sweet treats, but donuts are her favorite (not least because they are portion-controlled!). Jodi couldn’t think of a more joyous way to spend her day than sharing her love of donuts with people (and eating only one per day, seriously, absolutely no excuses!).

"I’d drive hours for these amazing donuts! And the owner is so pretty!"

— Janet, Mother of BFD Founder